The Nile Visitor & Education Center

The ABC of the Nile

The Nile Visitor & Education Center will create awareness on the importance of the river Nile and its connection to Rwanda. The center will inform visitors on scientific discoveries of The Nile Research Center, while also highlighting techniques and measures to preserve the Nile. There are both benefits and responsibilities to maintaining a healthy environment. 

Welcome to the Nile

What are the elements of the Nile?

Discover the origins, length, width & depth, the lands in the Nile Bassin, cities along the river and the local climate.

The essence of Water

Why is water so essential?

Discover why we need water in nature, health, agriculture, industry and transport.

Witness a demonstration set on the purification of water, erosion and drinkable water.

Importance of the River

How is the Nile impacting us?

Be amazed by the importance of the river and all its impact on human neighbours as well as surrounding ecosystems.

Projections of microscope images, lab set-up with a greenhouse and insects, fish and mammals and much more to discover.

Set Sail on the Nile

Get carried away on the Nile. Experienced guides and professional researches challenge you to discover the Nile while sailing it. Are you ready for a little adventure?