Preparation & pouring of columns

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After the preparation construction of the floor plate, the concrete 15 cm thick plate had to dry out for 28 days. A period of constant monitoring & watering (daily) to prevent rapid drying and ensuring a qualitative foundation for the Nile Institute Rwanda. Time to start the next phase: preparation & pouring of the concrete columns.

July 7th - Preparation of formwork
July 7th - Preparation of formwork

As the pictures above are showing, it all starts with the construction of wooden formworks. The inside is lined with a plastic film for the columns to have an smooth finish. Meanwhile, their reinforcement is braided according to the standard lengths.

July 17th - Braiding hall
July 17th - First column

For the exhibition hall, the total reinforcement height is 450 cm: i.e. 5 cm floor finish + 300 cm from floor tile to beam + 50 cm beam height + 15 cm roof plate thickness + 80 cm as guard rods for the second floor to be built later. This allows a height in the exhibition area of 350 cm; in the cafeteria and laboratory 300 cm. Finally, the sockets and switches are installed at their exact height.

Once the columns are poured, the formwork is removed 2 days later. Then they are wrapped with blankets that are moistened on a daily basis (remember the floor plate?); this process prevents the excessive drying and reduced quality of the concrete.

August 1st - Pouring of columns
August 2nd - Removal of formwork
August 2nd - Wetting of columns
August 2nd - Wetting of columns

Just like the floor plate, the columns also have to dry out for a period of 28 days. Luckily, the following phase is already being planned carefully: construction of the ceiling beams & valley. Until next time!