NIR & VITO ‘Capitan Taki’ selected for G-STIC Climate program

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In 2023, the Flemish Government launched the “International Climate Financing Project – GSTIC Climate Program” for the third time. The selection was announced in mid-December; totaling a whopping amount of 17.4 million euros distributed over 19 selected projects (of 102 submitted). One of the projects is called ‘Capitan Taki’ and allows VITO to allocate €570,435.

The ‘Capitan Taki’ project focuses on bringing together WaterClimate experts to join forces for research on the Tanganyika Lake. It is not only a significant contribution from VITO, but also a unique collaboration with the Nile Institute Rwanda (NIR) and several other key partners such as VUB, ALT, and NAZKA MAPPS.

What does this mean for the Nile Institute Rwanda? Firstly, the selection results in a grant of €82,000 for research and presentation, including €15,000 of own contribution. Furthermore, the structural collaboration with other notable water-focused partners enhances the impact of NIR as a research and educational center.

Project ‘Capitan Taki’ will contribute by developing visual materials & thematic maps in conjunction with VUB and NAZKA MAPPS. These will be used to equip the Nile Institute with scientific information through information desks, miniature models, informational boards, photos, maps, posters, and much more. This collaborative effort represents a significant step toward advancing research, education, and environmental awareness for the Nile Institute Rwanda.