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From bricks to building (+ guests)

The end-of-year celebrations were brief but positive. After a two-day break, construction resumed. The masonry work is progressing well, with interior walls leveled and exterior masonry looking beautiful. Cleanup and finishing tasks are underway, including jointing the outer walls and making the roof water-resistant. The construction site is gradually transforming into an ‘institute’!

NIR & VITO ‘Capitan Taki’ selected for G-STIC Climate program

In 2023, the Flemish Government launched the “International Climate Financing Project – GSTIC Climate Program” for the third time. The selection was announced in mid-December; totaling a whopping amount of 17.4 million euros distributed over 19 selected projects (of 102 submitted). One of the projects is called ‘Capitan Taki’ and allows VITO to allocate €570,435.