Interior & exterior masonry

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Back in the first week of October, the last concrete slab of the ceiling was poured successfully. As soon as the ceiling is fully dried out, the wooden props and formwork are removed before burning off the adhered plastic film – used for a smooth finish during concrete pouring. Next step? Masonry of the exterior & interior walls!

October 30th - Removal of framework

The entire exterior is foreseen in cut-out stones, only the rear facade – parallel to the embankment – will be built with well-formed & baked bricks. As soon as the concrete dried out (28 days), the masonry of the interior walls could begin. These walls are later be smoothed with three successive layers totaling a thickness of 35 mm, requiring a bit of precision work.

November 6th - Terrace
November 6th - Terrace

In early December, the exterior masonry with the beautifully tinted rock blocks was erected. Meanwhile, the concrete roof was sloped to ensure proper rainwater drainage. A gutter at the rear facade collects rainwater. This metal gutter is temporary, pending the construction of the conference room on the first floor.

December 19th - Finish of roof
November 16th - Start of masonry

While the entire concrete supporting structure is expertly smoothed with mortar, the rock block walls are also jointed. A lot of progress to report on, enjoy the pictures!

Enough work! Time for the monthly drink, and with the year-end, it can be a bit more. Two goats are slaughtered, now for SKOL and banana beer, and… guaranteed ambiance! Onward to 2024!