From bricks to building (+ guests)

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The end-of-year celebrations were short and sweet. After only two of days of rest, the construction works were resumed. The Nile Institute Rwanda had the pleasure of hosting some enthusiastic guests. On December 27th, entrepreneur Thomas Leysen & his family stopped by for a visit. On January 2nd, we welcomed artists Peter Buggenhout and Berlinde De Bruyckere together with their son. NIR is happy to see such enthusiasm and invites these guests again for the opening of the Nile Institute.

In terms of progress, the NIR is happy to report the masonry work is progressing well. The interior walls are being leveled with three consecutive mortar layers, resulting in a total thickness of 30 mm. The exterior masonry, with its variously tinted rocks, has turned out beautiful. 

In the next phase, the cleanup and finishing work will begin. The outer walls will be jointed, and the concrete structure will receive three finishing layers. The roof will be made water-resistant using a cement-dredged membrane and an adhesive product, and the drainage gutter will be installed. The septic tank is being excavated.

After that, the lowered ceiling will be constructed; a wooden structure to be placed 20 cm below the concrete slab. Once the electrical conduits are provisioned within the ceiling and sealed, the floor tiling can also commence.

The construction work is progressing smoothly and invokes the need of specialists more & more. Due to the specific nature of the upcoming finishing tasks, fewer manual laborers will be involved, and only specialized craftsmen will work. The construction site is gradually transforming into a true “institute”! Stay tuned!