Founder Lode Van Pee keynote UNESCO IHP meeting day

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Nile Institute Rwanda founder Lode Van Pee as keynote at the UNESCO IHP meeting on October 14th 2021!

Belgium has been a member of UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization since its foundation in 1945. We know UNESCO for its World Heritage, but the organization is also committed to, among other things, quality education for all, worldwide science programs and freedom of the press.

UNESCO IHP is an intergovernmental body promoting international scientific cooperation in water research, water resource management, education and capacity-building. UNESCO IHP’s work is built on three tracks: 1e) hydrological science for policy relevant advice 2e) education and capacity building responding to the growing needs of sustainable development 3e) water resources assessment and management to achieve environmental sustainability. About IHP | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Since the goal of our Nile project fits perfectly in these three tracks, our founder Lode Van Pee was invited to present The Nile Institute Rwanda project at this UNESCO Meeting day. This way, a large audience can become acquainted with our project. We are grateful for this great opportunity to generate interest for our project and possibly make interesting contacts.

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