Finishing the structural works

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After waving goodbye to some lovely guests back in March, the structural works of the Nile Institute have set course to the finish line. The buildings are starting to take their final form, focusing on the finishing layers. We are very happy to share 6 more milestones – from septic to plastering, feast your eyes on these lovely pictures. 

One: Plastering

The smooth plastering of the entire concrete structure such as beams, columns, and roof edges; as well as the interior walls and the expo and laboratory window.

Two: Lowered ceiling

The installation of the lowered ceiling structure and its cladding. This includes the cabling for lighting, alarm, and internet.

Three: Drainage & inspection pits

The installation of the drainage system for both rainwater and sanitary water; this includes all drain pipes and the necessary inspection pits.

Four: Lightening rod

Five: Septic tank

The digging of the pit and the construction of the concrete septic tank. Calculated according to a visitor equivalent of 50 people.

Six: Terrace wall

Inside the building, wall and floor tiling can now begin, followed by the first layers of painting of all interior walls. Outside, the construction of the wide entrance staircase in rock stones and the concrete ramp for the disabled will start soon. Stay tuned!